East Side Monthly: Councilman asks RIDOT for traffic safety (8/7/2014)

Providence Journal: Providence opens its first public boat ramp (7/14/2014)

Providence Journal: Ordinances restricting contributions advances (5/16/2014)

Providence Journal: Providence Council to consider ordinance to protect pregnant women at work (4/3/2014)

Providence Journal: Council urges curb on antibiotics for livestock (2/8/2014)

Providence Journal: License board could lose pay (11/5/2013)

Providence Journal: Strip club suspension called 'dereliction of duty' (10/23/2013)

Providence Journal: Providence City Council votes to divest from fossil fuel companies (6/21/2013)

Providence Journal: Nightspots face crackdown on bottle service (2/26/2013)

Providence Journal: 75 drawn to gun violence rally at R.I. State House (1/26/2013)

Providence Journal: City commission urges accountability via Web (1/23/2013)

Providence Journal: Council backs divestment of fuel companies (1/22/2013)

Providence Journal: Council to look at nightclub safety (4/21/2012)

Providence Journal: Youths show support for anti-tobacco measures (2/17/2012)

Providence Journal: City's harbor to get attention from panel (1/17/2012)

Providence Journal: Dormody named city's first sustainability director (11/4/2011)

Providence Journal: Cuts help erase city's red ink (7/9/2011)

Providence Journal: Council asks for tax-exempt inventory (5/21/2011)

Providence Journal: Diversity task force established to promote business (4/14/2011)

Providence Journal: Council members seek police cutback (2/25/2011)

Providence Journal: Committee OK's $638.5-million spending plan (2/1/2011)

Providence Journal: Ordinance requires clean diesel upgrades (7/17/2009)

Providence Journal: Fox Point Boys & Girls Club's power restored following shutoff (5/15/2009)

Providence Journal: Drive under way in Wayland Square to preserve '50s office building (5/14/2008)

Providence Journal: Fox Point bus shelter will reflect history of the area (3/26/2008)

Providence Journal: City ready to take stand on diesel emissions (2/8/2008)

Providence Journal: City Council members push for global warming initiative (2/6/2008)

Providence Journal: Councilman urges city to tackle global warming (4/4/2007)

Providence Journal: HURRICANE KATRINA : THE AFTERMATH - In Miss., 'the human need was infinite' (9/24/2005)


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